School Procedures

Absence from School

A child should not be absent without an appropriate reason. Children should not be kept at home for reasons other than illness. If a child is absent, reporting this via The Parent Portal, The Schoolzine newsletter icon or App, email or a phone call to the school is expected by no later than 9.30am. This should be followed up with a written note of explanation (email is fine) when your child returns to school. For safety purposes, we will attempt to contact you if we have not heard from you by 9:30 am.

School officially commences at 8:40 am and concludes at 3:00 pm. Late arrivals and early departures will affect your child's learning.


The school community gathers formally twice a week on a Monday and a Friday for General Assembly. On Monday General Assembly, the community joins in prayer; listens to general notices and reminders; acknowledges and affirms Birthdays of the Week as well as singing our National Anthem and raising the Australian Flag. On Monday at 2.30pm, the Virtue of the Week is presented to the community by a rostered class. The class presents the Virtue of the Week using various creative techniques – role play, songs, dramatization and prayer. The class encourages the school community to “talk the talk and walk the walk” of the Virtue of the Week.

On Friday General Assembly, the community join to acknowledge, affirm and present the nominated children, staff members and parents with their Virtues Awards. Whole School or Class Prayer Assemblies are also presented at the General Assembly where we celebrate our faith through prayer and liturgy. Parents are encouraged to attend Prayer Assemblies held at 8.40am on Friday.

Bike Riders 

Children who ride to and from school should use bikeways where possible, wear a helmet for safety (compulsory) and park bikes in the bike rack provided. It is highly recommended that children bring a chain and lock and secure the bike. Bike riders should be conversant with, and abide by, all road rules.



Review the St Francis Xavier Homework Policy

Leaving School Grounds

For legal, safety and welfare reasons, children are not permitted to leave the grounds during school hours without authorisation from a member of the School Leadership Team. A child will be released from school only to parents or to persons authorised. Parents are asked to inform the office when they arrive to collect children during school hours.


Children are expected to be at school and ready for class by 8.40am music. Failure to do so will result in the issuing of a late slip. Contact with parents will be made if lateness becomes excessive.

School Records

When a child is enrolled at the school, certain information is obtained and recorded. Should there be changes in these, it is essential that the school office is advised. Please notify any changes in the following:

  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • doctor
  • family circumstances (e.g. death, divorce, separation)
  • any factors which may have an influence on a child’s behaviour or attitudes
  • Residence Order and/or Contact Order
  • Emergency contacts and numbers
  • Parents’ work telephone numbers
  • Withdrawal of Media Consent form



Children will be supervised in the playground from 8.20am daily and at each of the recess periods. After school, teachers supervise the main pick up point from 3.00pm - 3.25pm. At 3.25pm, any child still remaining at school will be escorted to the School Office.