Environmental & Sustainability

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At St Francis Xavier Primary School, we are committed to making our school cleaner and greener.  We currently have these initiatives in place:

  • We have a Sustainability Committee comprising the leaders of our school – the year 6 students.
  • We have just started a recycling program for bottles and cans.  Every container recycled will raise 10 cents through the Container Refund Scheme and will go into an environmental fund for our school.
  • We have been recycling cardboard​ and paper for a long time and it is a key role of the Sustainability Committee to collect and empty these bins from every classroom each week.
  • Last year we replaced our plastic straws with paper ones - this year we have banned the use of straws in our tuckshop altogether, as well as poppers.
  • In the early years, our younger students are fabulous fan and light monitors and ensure electricity is not being used when the kids are not in the classroom.

Further to our environmental activities listed above, teachers and students have been working together to develop a plan for our future.  It's called our 2020 Vision. 

By 2020 we are going to build on our existing initiatives to develop stronger and more robust environmental programs in our school.
We recognise that kids may be 25% of the world's population right now, but they are 100% the future!  Our students are helping to lead this environmental movement.  Find out about our plans for the next 12 months by watching our video.