Specialist Programs

 Teacher Librarian

Mrs Jen Craig is the teacher responsible for the Resource Centre at St Francis Xavier.  Every class visits the Resource Centre for a 40 minute lesson each week and classses from Year 2 to Year 6 also visit the Library to borrow with our Library Assistant, Mrs Nev Brown. Parents are strongly encouraged to become library borrowers and use our collection to supplement their children's reading experience whilst at St Francis Xavier School. The Library is opened for children to use at lunchtime and children are able to use the computer lab, read, play chess and draw. Children and parents are invited to the Resource Centre before and after school to borrow.

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Learning Support Personnel

A full time Support Teacher (Inclusive Education) ST(IE), Elizabeth Graham supports and assists teachers, parents and children at our school. Her role has two main foci: supporting learning difficulties from Year 4 to 6 and supporting / planning for students who are funded under the six disability areas to create greater equity for the children. Elizabeth Graham collaborates with School Officers, Teachers, Early Year Support Teachers, Specialists and the Leadership Team.

Our Early Years Support Teachers Maree Brown and Mrs Janelle Dimmock, assist and support the teachers and children from Prep to Year 3. The Early Years Philosophy and pedagogy of learning through play, hands on activities, catering for individual needs and interests incorporating the importance of oral, gross/ fine motor development to assist learning are encouraged and supported through this role. Mrs Brown and Mrs Dimmock work in consultation with Ms Graham regarding funded children in the Early Years. 


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Each child is involved in some form of physical activity designed to help maintain an adequate level of fitness; to improve gross motor skills; to aid in the development of fine motor skills and to introduce skills required for participation in leisure sports. It has been demonstrated that participation in physical activities will not only achieve these ideals but that they also enhance academic achievement.

As this is an integral part of the St Francis Xavier curriculum a note will be required by the teacher if your child is to be exempt from such a lesson.

The Physical Education teacher is Mrs Kerry Hazelwood and is employed fulltime. All children from Prep to Yr 6 receive class PE lessons every week.

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Music/Drama Teacher

The Music/Drama Teacher, Mrs Maureen Laidler takes the children for one 40-minute lesson every week. Mrs Laidler also co-ordinates music for our family masses and drama productions.

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Cultural Literacy French Teacher

The Cultural Literacy Teacher, Mademoiselle Helen Meerleveld takes the children from Years 3 - 6 for one 40 minute lesson every week. The children will learn about the New Caledonian culture as well as concentrating on the French language.

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