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 Parents and Friends Association

President:  Jodie Dovell
Vice President: Ania Forster
Secretary: Kerrie Hogan
Treasurer: Phil Evans

Committee Members: 
Kathy Fuller, Ronnie Wilson, Susan Vassallo, Vanessa Heal, Jackie Cameron, Stephen Yzel, Kelly Malloy, Pauline Kelly, Joseph Kelly, Kiri Nash, Debbie Manders, Alana Wilkinson, Jess Garland, Todd Chapman, Jane Howard, Clare Cartwright, Faye Boglis-Sardellis, Megan Thomas, Scott Sampson.

            PRESIDENT                    VICE PRESIDENT                    TREASURER                           SECRETARY      
           Jodie Dovelll                            Ania Forster                           Phil Evans                             Kerrie Hogan


The P&F meet on the second Tuesday of the month - all parents are welcome to attend.