Assessment and Reporting

Reporting and assessment are vital components of the teaching and learning process at St Francis Xavier - Runaway Bay. Progressive assessment of each child is made as he/she grows and develops in all areas of his/her education.

Assessment of students’ achievements occurs for a variety of reasons:

  • to provide information on students progress;
  • to improve the learning processes by providing feedback;
  • to keep parents informed;
  • to guide future development.


Accordingly we report to parents by establishing the following:

  • Parent Information Night – held in the first weeks of Term 1 to inform parents of curriculum matters, and class procedures. We would encourage you to attend this evening, as it is an important information source.
  • Beginning of Term letter – sent home in the first weeks of each term: to inform parents of class curriculum for that term and any special events occurring within the term. It will also provide you with valuable information on how you can support and be involved in the classroom and at home.
  • Formal reporting procedures occur at the end of the following terms:
    Term 2 (Semester 1) - Written report with parent and teacher interview.
    Term 4 (Semester 2) - Written report with parent and teacher interview by arrangement.

Reporting in the early years describes students’ learning and development measured against a progressive series of steps.

Reporting in Years 1- 6 describes individual student progress against levels of the Queensland Syllabuses.

In Primary school, four levels provide a progress map of what students typically know and are able to do in each Key Learning area. Reporting against these levels provides parents with an indication of the standard of their child’s achievement and whether it is within the range of what is expected for students in particular year levels.