Learning Support Team

​​At St Francis Xavier School we have a Learning Support Team dedicated to providing the optimum learning environment for all our students.  This experienced team is made up of the School Principal, the Assistant Principal, the Primary Learning Leader, four year-level-specific ​Support Teachers - Inclusive Education (STIEs) and Allied Health professionals, including a Guidance Counsellor and Speech Pathologist.

Their role is to:​​​​​

  • ​support class teachers and parents in educating and providing care to their students/children.

  • gather current information and develop a plan of action to begin to answer questions or address concerns.

  • share information and ensure a team approach when supporting students.

  • investigate issues and provide feedback to parents and teachers regarding students' development, well-being and educational program.

  • ensure accountability and monitoring in the support provided for students as they progress through school.

The Learning Support Team manages various issues including behaviour difficulties, learning issues, emotional concerns, social skills, extending and encouraging student achievement, and looking into funding possibilities to support student success. 

​This is a way of finding support and solutions within our school community, as well as involving other support personnel as necessary, which may include (but are not limited to) professional advice for a teacher, emotional and professional support for parents, program intervention by our Classroom Support Team or Guidance Counsellor, further testing and data gathering, and referral to outside support agencies.​