Mandatory Reporting

​The document below is provided to satisfy Queensland Government requirements regarding information that schools must now have readily available to the public:

To access the current school annual report, please visit the Brisbane Catholic Education school annual reports page

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School Reports and Profiles

We must and do provide an opportunity for the child and parents to meet with the child’s teacher at least twice a year. We must and do also provide written reports to parents at least twice yearly, including assessment against achievement levels for KLA’s studied. This has been the practice at St Francis Xavier for some time now. Schools must, at a minimum, offer to provide information on a child’s achievement relative to the child’s peer group.

We are required to use the following standard descriptors:

  • achieving well above the expected level
  • achieving above the expected level
  • achieving at the expected level
  • achieving below the expected level
  • achieving well below the expected level

Our written report at the end of Semester One and the end of the school year reflect these requirements. Teachers chose a label to indicate where your child sits on the five point scale. Please carefully read the wording of the descriptors so you fully understand the meaning intended. If, for instance, the above descriptors were labelled 1 - 5 or A - E then the majority of children would be given a ‘3’ or a ‘C’ as they are achieving at the expected level.

View the School Strategic Renewal Plans and Reports

National Testing – NAPLAN Yr 3 & 5  - Literacy & Numeracy Tests

These literacy and numeracy tests form a key part of the National Assessment Program endorsed by all Australian Ministers for Education. The aim of the tests is to provide a measure of how Australian schools and students are performing in the areas of reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. We support the intent of these tests and welcome the opportunity they give us to benchmark our school. These tests are, of course, only one measure and need to be considered along with school based assessments which are designed to identify students’ wide ranging strengths and diverse areas of need. Being point in time tests some children and especially the youngest ones may under-perform on the day for any number of reasons.

Parents should also know that the tests are set against National Statements of Learning. Your child is certainly learning the content and concepts contained within the Statements but because of where they are placed in the current curriculum, they may not have been covered fully by the time of the test in May. Publishing these results for public viewing is mandatory.

   NAPLAN at BCE.pdf