Principal's Message

Welcome to St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School.

May I personally welcome you and your family to the St Francis Xavier School Community.

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​Our mission and our purpose is to provide high quality education within the framework of our Catholic tradition. Our primary focus is on our young learners but for them to achieve their potential they need staff and parents to journey with them in their learning. Our school motto, LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE challenges each one of us to strive for the best in all we do.

As a faith community we do best when we are working together. For you this means you are encouraged to be actively engaged in school and church life. For staff it means offering a commitment to excellence, high standards and appropriate modeling of their faith, dedication to their vocation and a genuine love of teaching and learning.

Our hope is that our children will become more loving in their relationships with others, more courageous when faced with making choices in life, and more serving in their lifestyle, as was our patron, St Francis Xavier. The name of our school, chosen by its foundation Principal, Mr Terry Ivey, was inspired by the life of St Francis Xavier.

St Francis Xavier (1506-1552) is patron saint of our school, Australia and of missions. Francis was born into a wealthy family in their castle of Xavier, near Pamplona in northern Spain. He met Ignatius of Loyola at the University of Paris where through their friendship and in collaboration with several others, they co-founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Francis had an interesting style of evangelization. He first approached children with stories and songs and then went to the poor and the outcasts of a community. He converted thousands to the Christian faith. He is remembered for his positive and courageous approach and has been called the greatest missionary since the Apostles. When we see God in others and we are prepared to share our faith story, we are living like Francis Xavier.

Francis, who as a member of the Jesuit order, was guided by the Ignatian tradition. We too, are guided by this tradition as members of St Francis Xavier school community. Our contribution to the life of St Francis Xavier school will be enhanced if we are able to be:



“We are created to praise, reverence and serve God”



 “Recognise that the initiative for all that happens in us is from God”



 “Generosity was one of the most important dispositions Ignatius looked for in individuals”



 “Be compassionate as your heavenly father is compassionate”



 “Seeking excellence in self and ready to encourage others”



 “To act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly with your God”



 “We give thanks to God”



 “Seeking and finding God in all”



 “To search for the truth in relationship with others”



 “Ignatius Loyola wanted us to help souls”



 “Love ought to manifest itself more in deeds than by words”



 “In self and others – Faith, Hope and Charity”



 “Engages in the Ignatian practice of reflection on experience leading to action”



 “We belong to a community of faith with a single aim to be on Mission with Christ” 


 I trust that being a part of the St Francis Xavier School Community will be fulfilling and that you quickly recognize the important role that each of us play in making our community a welcoming and positive place for all. I look forward to working with you in the education of your child and in assisting all of the students in our care to “let their light shine”.

​Paul Rees