School Song 'Let Your Light Shine'

Let Your Light Shine
Lord you shared your love when you created all
Help us to respond in love to your call
You sent your Son to show us how to be like you
And use our talents like you want us to
You say to us
Let your light shine
Let your love grow
Be strong for all to see
Be the one whom I intended
Use all the gifts you have from me
At St. Francis Xavier school together we grow strong
We shine our light clear and bright to everyone
It doesn’t matter who we are or where we’re from
With Jesus in our hearts we know we can’t go wrong
Our original School Song had one verse and chorus with the melody and lyrics composed by a member of the 1988 staff, Miss Jo Keates.  Mrs Maureen Laidler added the second verse in 2006 and the song was professionally produced that same year. A competition for the cover to the School Song CD was designed by a student of the time, Nicholas Weber.